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The Imperial Bill of 2009


In his farewell address to the 2008-2009 Parliament, outgoing President Sargon had attempted to name the Empress of AH.Com. MPs from the Federalist Federation of Federalists objected to the de facto Presidential appointment, while the Escutcheonist Party wanted the issue decided by referendum. MP and future President TheDarkServant attmepted to rectify the situation with a Bill introduced to Parliament. The bill failed with three Aye votes and two Nays.

Reintroduction to the 2009-10 Parliament

TheDarkServant reintroduced the bill at the opening of the 2009-2010 Parliament. The bill was amended slightly but ultimately passed with little opposition, although it may be noteworthy that while the FFF-ESP members did not oppose the bill, none of them voted for it, either.

The bill was later amended with the Imperial Arms Bill of 2009, which passed Parliament with near-unanimous support and ESP sponsorship, perhaps indicating FFF/ESP approval of the Empressship.

Full Text of the Bill

WHEREAS is lacking a Ceremonial Head of State of Sufficient Panache,

BE IT ENACTED that the Imperial republic and government recognizes her Imperial Majesty, Grand Empress, Augusta and Basilissa Sai of the Imperial Republic of, Imperatrix of the Tasty Stir Fry, Sultana of the Holy Sealion, Queen of Thai Kick Boxing, and Kaiserin of Chaos. as the rightful Empress and monarch of in loyalty to His Administrativeness.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that former President Sargon is recognized as Emperor Consort as soon as his term in office concludes

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that the authority of Her Majesty the Empress is only nominal and her role purely ceremonial, non-party affiliated and is thus a figurehead. Duties will include waving politing, conferring awards (if requested), kissing babies, cutting ribbons, revealing plaques, and smiling nicely for the people of

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that the duties of the Imperial Guard will henceforth include the protection of the Empress, her consort and any others residing within their household.


Voted Aye

lothaw (E), Douglas (E), maverick (E), Patriot (E), Paladin (E), Krall (BWS), Iori (DISPPR), Communist Wizard (BBP), oakvale (Ind) (9)

Voted Nay

Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP) (1)

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