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 Recently joined New Zealand member. ​ Recently joined New Zealand member. ​
-Not to be confused with [[Emperor-of-New-Zealand]],​ who's been on this board for longer.+Not to be confused with [[Emperor-of-New-Zealand]],​ who's been on this board for longer. ​Nor with [[Tsar of New Zealand]]. 
 +==== In Fiction ==== 
 +He appeared in a guest role in the //​**[[stories:​ Enterprise]]**//​ episode [[stories:A VEXIE-ING ACQUAINTANCE]],​ as one of the two claimants to the New Zealand imperial throne. His character rules the Imperium of South Island, a state created out of the remnants of the Holy Aotearoan Empire. 
 +==== Navigation ==== 
 +**[[new zealand#​ahcommers|New Zealand board members]]** 
 +**[[Member List]]**
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