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Hnau member, formerly known as Darkest90, Tenebrous Proficient and then Darkest.

A Mormon, interested in future history and space technology.

While still known as Darkest, he was ostracised by some members due to his enthusiastic attitude towards an imminent (real life) Ethiopia-Somalia war, and in fact, all wars in general. At least originally, he was also a self-declared communist.

After Darkest conflicted with other members, he left the board to return under a new name and a new account–Hnau. Eventually, he ran afoul of other members of the community again, this time being banned. He soon apologized, and was reaccepted as a member; at that time, this occurence was generally thought to be unprecedented, barring Hapsburg.

(Interestingly, the Darkest account was still open until some point during Hnau's banned period; at that time, IAN closed it, and “Darkest” remains banned to this day.)


Hnau is a quite prolific TL writer. During his “Darkest” account era, he was once advertising no less than five of them in his signature (!). They were:

'Berwick' - Puritan World B


A Jiang-less world

The Races of Earth Timeline


He is sort of infamous for starting numerous interesting TLs, but never really finishing or developing them.

Nevertheless, he has made at least two longer, fairly detailed timelines:

A Leninless World - Lenin dies early, the world changes.

Bronze Age New World 2.0 - A reimagining of Doug Muir's older, timeline Bronze Age new World.

Of his shorter and unfinished timelines written during the “Hnau” account era, here's a sample:

In the World of Sorrows: What if Assyria had sacked Jerusalem in 701 BCE ?

An Alternate Whiskey Rebellion

Intelligent Life on Venus

In Fiction

In The Series, he appeared as Darkest90 in minor walk-on roles, including in GBW's The Dome Factor.

Darkest90 was DarkSlavik's Thai fighter wingman in Wars.

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