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History According to FedX's History Teacher

World history according to the history teacher of FederationX, compiled by Landshark.

1840s?: Josef Stalin and Friedrich Engels write the Communist Manifesto.

1860s or 1870s: Spanish-American War - USA takes California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona from Mexico.

1914: German Panzers sweep into Russia. Russian soldiers are still armed with bolt-action rifles while the Germans have machine guns. Russia is also hampered by only having one railway and using cavalry against tanks.

1917: Hawaii annexed by the United States.

1919: NATO founded by Woodrow Wilson.

1930s: 30 million Jews live in Germany. France builds the Maginot Line, which takes 12 years.

1938: The Sudetenland, presently part of Austria, is transferred to Germany.

1939: German invasion of Czechoslovakia.

1940s: German conquest of Sweden.

1940: Germany uses huge airships, larger than those in the First World War, to bomb London in the Battle of Britain.

1941: Austria is still an independent state but is allied with Germany.

1942: The Japanese invade Midway Island with thousands of troops.

1943: January: Battle of Bombay - Japanese defeat British forces in India; March: Battle of Ceylon - another defeat of the British; May: Japanese occupation of India begins.

1944: Germans win the Battle of the Bulge, but are sufficiently weakened that they are forced to retreat. USSR tests its first nuclear weapon (which is different from an atomic weapon). British forces (presumably after retaking India) attack the Japanese in China and liberate China.

1945: Formation of the Second League of Nations. Germany divided into the German Democratic Republic (West Germany) and the Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany).

1958: Death of Josef Stalin.

1960: U-2 incident, after an unmanned American U-2 spy plane is shot down over the Soviet Union.

2005: Germany possesses nuclear weapons. The United Kingdom is the same entity as the Commonwealth and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are independent nations within the Commonwealth. Israel has the second strongest military in the world, while China is eighth.

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