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Hey, Hey, We're the Monkeys

An episode of the Series by Dave Howery. The plot features luakel wanting a pet to keep on the Ship and Doctor What explaining that all of the (many) pets the crew had kept in the past had met sad ends. We - and most of the crew - then learn that Dave runs a robotics lab next to the ships 'art museum' (actually a porn gallery) and has been working on a number of robots, including robotic kittens that attack Michael, miniature robot tanks with potato guns and strategic-genius computer intelligence, a Canada-destroying mech called Grover, and supersexy assassin androids called 'Bill and Hillary' who kill you after a bout of lovemaking.

Dave creates a robot monkey for luakel and installs an 'anti-humiliation programme' in case any of the crew were to torment the monkey to get at luakel. Unfortunately luakel sets off the programme himself when he names the monkey 'Peanuts'. The angry monkey breaks into Dave's lab and starts building more monkeys like himself; the army then kidnaps luakel and takes over the other mechs. The rest of the episode consists of Grover chasing Doctor What all over the ship, the robot tanks vs. Weapon M and Matt, the Bill android attempting to assassinate IronYuppie and Landshark but them never letting him rest long enough in between bouts of lovemaking to do so, and Dave, DMA and others fighting Peanuts and wresting back control of the ship. luakel spends most of the episode being force-fed peanuts by an angry Peanuts.


The Robot Tanks seen in this episode would reappear in CITATION NEEDED, along with Grover and his new “brothers”, Bert and Ernie. Another set of Canada-Destroying Mechs would then appear in THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN.

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