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Herr Frage

Herr Frage is one of the Board’s many Germanophiles, hailing from parts unknown; some claim Atlantis, while others believe he is more likely the legendary German Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa in disguise. HF is a self described, “Christian Socialist Monarchist Nationalistic Semi-Militant” who’s, “Paronoid of Elected Gov. & Big Business.” Several of the board’s most brilliant and prominent Political Science majors have attempted to explain what exactly someone who described himself as the above might hold as their core beliefs, they all failed, and several had their heads implode shortly there after.

Herr Frage, after searching for a Map Maker for an off-site TL called Italy 1936, by LongVin, and starting discussions on a Ghost Dance affected by Alien Space Bats and one on the effects of Benito Mussolini receiving a Death Note, began his current project an ASB based TL set in a DC Comic world called “Dark Centuries.” In it an evil, super madman named Grasp successfully unites much of the world’s super villains in a bid to destroy world order so he can recreate it as he sees fit. The road to the Villain Utopia leads the inevitable clash between Good and Evil, where Good loses and much of DC’s Superhero roster die, with the notable exception of The Batman. Many of DC’s other famous characters such as Alfred and Commissioner Gordon also end up lying dead. The TL skips between past, present, and future, and has notable submissions from several other writers on the forum.

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