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-Hailing from Finland, Hazazel has been involved with the origins of not one but two Board religions - he is the Prophet of [[offtopic:​Vodkaism]] and the St Paul figure in [[offtopic:​Giant Beeism]]. ​ 
-He is renowned for his traditionalist and patriarchalist views. Or as [[offtopic:​Nekromans]] said it: "​Hazazazazaz...el generally believes in the Salvation of Mankind, and for Womanity, the fabled Return to the Kitchens."​ 
-Despite this, as soon as [[MrP]] appears, Hazazel switches direction and starts calling for a proletarian revolution against the rich bourgeois oppressors. 
-[[offtopic:​Fellatio Nelson]] calls him "​Hazel"​ and [[offtopic:​Thande]],​ out of a sense of balance, reinserts the missing -az- to name him "​Hazazazel"​. ​ 
-Hazazel is also founder, spokesman and President of the [[offtopic:​OACW]]. 
-Has recently become obsessed with Sinéad O'​Connor. 
-==== Navigation ==== 
-**[[Hall of Infamy]]** 
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