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Hashasheen: Legacy of the Insane

In the Early Days of existence, there was a void in the Dominion of ASBS, one that would soon be filled. A Great Light appeared, as a being known as BIG TEX appeared from the void. He created the first universe, and named it Ameriwank. He called together more of his brothers, the first being his greatest disciple; ANALYTICAL ENGINE, lovingly referred to as Ana. His other disciples came in droves, some leaving and some staying, all having been granted a taste of the Great One’s words. Some attempted to create their own universes, and among these few, one rose as the cream of the crop: Hashasheen.

Hashasheen was seen as a strange fellow among his peers, incredibly fixated on explosives and pranks, things that were a telling of what was to come. He had few close friends, choosing to bask in the words of the Great One as much as possible, and among his brothers, he was the most who constantly reformed his ideas, his philosophies for his own universe. Unnoticed for much time among his brothers, Hashasheen began to have dark and morbid thoughts while alone. Why should he listen to the Great One? He had created life in his own hands, and was that not worth of respect? Laughed at and abused by his brothers, he doggedly plodded on, only supported by a faithful apprentice known as Mujahid. His hate and love of explosives turned him to darker corners, taking radical measures in the development of his new universe. Mass destruction and whispers in the wind were his calling cards and already the more astute of the brothers were asking the Great One to intervene and aid these hapless people. But the Great One was busy with his own universe; constantly creating and recreating it. And so did Hashasheen fall greater into the darkness, ignoring his own apprentice and ending the lives of millions, and ultimately billions. His brothers attempted to stop him; led by Wolf, an apprentice of the Great One and Ana. They were defeated one and all, and thus did their new mission begin. If they could not defeat him, then they would minimize his actions and deeds, hopefully so far that they would fade into obscurity. Such a task was easier said than done, as Hashasheen maintained his wiles and cunning even into insanity, and their Hunt was nothing more than a one eyed man (for Mujahid had joined the oath-sworn brothers in their Hunt) leading a conga line of the blind.

These stories are the remaining records of all acts and deeds committed by Hashasheen before his eventual demise….


Hashasheen, a former member of the Brotherhood of Strangers has gone rogue. His former brothers and equals have gathered up a mighty force with which to hunt him down.

Members shown:

The Commanders: Promethean






Mobius Frost




Puget Sound

Lord Moogi

David Bar Elias



August Akuma

Geekhis Khan


Fortress of Lulz

A singular planet that had been conquered, its people indoctrined, and its defenses upgraded and fortified as a bastion of Hashasheen's power. An attack by Huntsmen Strangers Squads B and C, as well as Recon Stranger Squad B resulted in a near-commplete massacre, with excpetion of Doragon, who was left alive and returned physically un-harmed to the other Commanders. Only the Great One knows what mental anguishes he suffered under Hashasheen's imprisonment.

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