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Greenland is the largest island in the world. Lying in northern polar latitudes, it has been mostly glaciated for the majority of human history.

Geographically a part of North America, bordering modern Canada to the west and southwest, Greenland is politically a part of the modern day kingdom of Denmark, as an autonomous self-governing territory. In terms of status, think “British crown dependency”. This has led to the curious development that Greenland opted out of the European Union back when it was the European Economic Community, while Denmark has remained in both organisations.

Greenland has been inhabited since at least the medieval period, both by Greenlandic Inuit people (throughout the island, mainly in coastal areas) and Scandinavian settlers (maybe in the most hospitable southwestcoast). Greenland has also been the site of interesting palaeontological discoveries, and even some archaeological disoveries pertaining to the history of human settlement (Scandinavian village ruins, mummified Inuit burial spaces).


  • None that we know of (yet).

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