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Keeping the name from English in the syntax, the second most prolific language on the third planet in Humanity's home star system is named Earth by the inhabitants.

After the events in 2105, with the eruption of “Gravity Babies”, the homogenizing factions of the world received quite the shock, and no one who had previously imagined life in the Twenty-Second Century would have recognized what their own culture had evolved into.


Before 2105

The technology of pre-2105 is notable for a few things. It was noted by many people at the time that rushing to get onto new networks and upgrade computer systems had taken on a 'New Millennium' mentality. People often rushed to buy the newest, fastest, biggest/smallest, and best.

There were analogies, to be sure, with world one hundred years before.

* The Quantum Computer Net

  • The QCN was the internet of the best computers, those that ran purely on sub-atomic particles. Having been pioneered in 2008, the technology caught up faster and faster. By 2070 there were Quantum Home Computers. Expensive, bulky desktop computers, barely faster than the lap-top sized conventional computers, they took hold slowly. By 2090 the Internet had gone through several stages: Wired, Wireless and Integrated. Integrated is when the jokes like “My toaster goes on Adult Chat room sites when I'm at work.” became reality.
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