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An overseas territory of the United Kingdom, located at the sourthen tip of continental Spain.

Captured in the 18th century, it had been a strategic British military base for several centuries, and still remains closely-knit with its home country even as a more civilian, tourism-and-finance-focused outpost. There is the occassional verbal sabre-rattling between Spain and the UK over Gibraltar, but it has effectivelly never amounted to anything.

Also, the minor wilderness on and around the Rock of Gibraltar is the only place in Europe with a population of wild monkeys, specifically Barbary Macaques. Predictably, they are adorbs. Also also, the last population of Neanderthal people in Europe once inhabited the area, until their eventual extinction.

Info on Gibraltar

Gibraltar Government official website

Video about Gibraltar, courtesy of Redfern Natural History Productions.

Documentary about Gibraltar, courtesy of Aderyn Productions.


None that we know of, but some British or Spanish members of the site have probably visited Gibraltar in the past.

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