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Giant Beeism

Currently the most recent religion to be founded on the Board.

Giant Beeism originates when Haggis suggested that people used Second Life to live out their most depraved fantasies, including 'Emma Watson being fucked by a giant bee'.

Hazazel claimed that this image could not be got out of his head, and so - as noted by Thande - a new religion was created.

It rapidly received the patronage of Thermopylae, who created the 'Messianic Beeism' subsect, in which the product of the relations between Watson and the bee (a girl with a bee's head) is the object of worship.

Giant Beeism has been highly persecuted for some reason…

CalBear unleashed a resurgence when he posted a thread about Emma Watson Breaking Up. He has refused to show That Picture (whatever that is). This lead to the creation of the Picturewraiths .

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