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 == Simon Urban == == Simon Urban ==
 Plan D (The GDR survives until the present of 2011. An eastern German policeman has to solve a complicated case involving politics.) Plan D (The GDR survives until the present of 2011. An eastern German policeman has to solve a complicated case involving politics.)
 +== Siegfried Langer ==
 +Alles bleibt anders: A man who lost his memory (named Frank Miller) finds himself in Berlin of the year 2008 -- but it's a very old-timey Berlin where both World Wars never seemed to have happened.
 +== Dirk van den Boom ==
 +Kaiserkrieger:​ Shortly before WW1 will break out, the light cruiser "​Saarbrücken"​ (Bremen class) of the Kriegsmarine is [[ISoT]]ed back to the year 378 -- when the Goths are attacking what's left of the Roman Empire. The men decide to help the western Roman emperor...
 +== Jens Bühler ==
 +Der letzte Wohnsitz Gottes: A German nuke destroys Moscow in winter 1943. Hitler died in 1944, and the war ends. A Cold War follows. But in 1981, the SS officer Lenzer has to keep a dangerous secret.
 +== Oliver Henkel ==
 +Im Jahre Ragnarök: After Hitler lost WW2, Germany was divided in a different way (because of Stalin'​s death in February 1945) -- the Rhineland became the Rhenish republic, a French satellite under president Adenauer. OTL GDR is divided between Britain and the US. A Morgenthau plan was implemented in Germany. The Soviet Union broke down, warlords fight each other on its former territory. Even in 1962, India is still British. Chiang Kai-shek is holding out in China, although he has barely more than the coast under control. Many Brits hate their "rich uncle",​ the US.
 +Kaisertag: Franz Ferdinand wasn't shot in Sarajevo, A-H is reformed, WW1 doesn'​t happen. In 1988, private detective Friedrich Prieß has to solve the case of a murder of a colonel of the powerful RMA secret service.
 +Die Zeitmaschine Karls des Großen: The Western Romans under a Rufus Scorpio defeat the Ostrogoths under Odoacer and Theoderich, the Western Roman Empire survives, although Gallia is lost to the Franks. But more than three centuries later, a Frankish king named Charles declares himself emperor...
 +Wechselwelten:​ Seven journeys into worlds, which almost could have existed.
 +  * "Ein neunter Oktober"​ deals with the revolution in Eastern Germany 1989. Erich Mielke orders shooting the peaceful demonstrators.
 +  * "Der Adler ist gelandet"​ geht der Frage nach, what'd have happened, if Christopher Columbus hadn't sailed to America under the Spanish flag. A merchant from Lübeck meets Columbus...
 +  * In "​...auf dass er die Menschen erlöse"​ we meet Jesus and Pontius Pilate. There'​s a surprise witness for the defense.
 +  * "​Kalifornia Dreaming"​ has a connection of Goebbels and Walt Disney: It's about a Disney theme park in the Greater German Reich.
 +  * In "Mr. Lincoln fährt nach Friedrichsburg",​ the lawyer Abraham Lincoln takes over a new case. He travels to Prussia -- without having to leave America.
 +  * "Die Unsterblichkeit des Harold Strait"​ deals with the possibility of time travel and the consequences thereof, if you try to influence history.
 +  * "Aus den Symposien des Nikandros von Athen Dialog XIV, auch bekannt als '​Zweites Gastmahl des Sophronios'":​ Alexander the Great doesn'​t die as a young man, but wants to conquer other parts of the known world, including Rome.
 +  * "Do you speak English?"​
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