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follow by white rabbit

Long-term Polish member of the board with a gramatically suspect handle referencing either the Matrix or Lewis Caroll's works.


A skilled flag maker, though he currently doesn't seem to be as active on the board as he was a few years ago.

Claims to Fame

Earlier, he's had several victories in the Weekly Flag Challenge, most notably in rounds 50, 51, 52 and then in rounds 57, 58 and 59. He thus established a clean “three victories in a row” record for the WFC, twice ! These two winning streaks remain unbeaten and unparalleled to this day. He also won round 85.

The current list of his victories in the WFC, with 7 rounds won in total, puts him in fourth place on the scoreboard, in the company of Akkismat and Rubberduck3y6.

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