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One of Thande's sworn enemies.

In the early hours of the 30th of September 2010, Thande was happily sipping some Martini (sadly not while making one of his famous Bond YouTube videos) when his computer came under attack by a kamikaze fly of the bluebottle variety which impacted his keyboard with a whack. Unfortunately, his PC just happens to have a single key that combines the functions of Alt+F4, and prompted the entire thing to shut down knobbling a post he had been working on at the time. After Sargon posted an uncannily accurate sketch of the suspect, Thande decided to march down to the BBC Crimewatch studios in order to make sure the dastardly bugger is nailed for this foul crime.

Thande has consequently declared flies to be another enemy be added to his growing list of them.

The motive of the fly is as yet unknown, however BlackWave enquired as to whether the culprit was wearing a hachimaki in the same vein as the Japanese tokkōtai (special attack) pilots of World War II, and observed that if so, it was probably the otaku hordes seeking revenge upon Thande for his support of RISPN and other activities that have upset them.

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