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An Indian board member from Bangalore, who joined in October 2012.

Banned by CalBear in September 2017, for the repeated practice of engaging in religiously-based chauvinism, towards other religions and other cultures. He had numerous, regular kicks for this type of behaviour, until the mods had enough and banned him. The decision for the ban was added to by fi11222 clearly not taking the hint what not to do. He seemed to have a strange obsession with the idea that economic or social backwardness can be easily solved by the adoption of Christianity (and a particular type of it, at that).

Strangely enough, fi11222 himself stated that he is not a Christian, but for some reason, he loved going on and on about the social superiority of Christianity towards other religions. Especially Protestant Christianity, while being dismissive of Catholicism. Infamously, in a discussion on China's economic history during the industrial revolution, fi11222 posted an argument, in which he claimed China could have advanced greatly if it had ditched its traditional religions and converted wholesale to Protestant Christianity. He openly said that China's lagging behind in development at the time was because it had not adopted that faith - as if the connotation was that Protestantism magically brings you immediate industrial and tech advances.

Fi11222 even implied in an unrelated discussion a few months before his ban that “the forbidding of Holocaust denial and ad hominem attacks is what is killing creativity on”. Yikes ! Daeres and Geordie tore down those claims immediately.

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