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Fatal Wit is a relatively knew member at…. She is not well liked by many on account of hER Libertarianism, Assburgers, borderline-racism, abrassive manner, and the fact She once advocated torture before abandoning that viewpont.(I rock)

Referring to Her

It is only correct to refer to HER with a capital letter in front. Lest Her husband, Allah(SWT)unleash his wrath upon the internet infidels of me teh hamz)

Her Life

Very little happened until She was sixteen, when She married Allah(STW) and Chuck Norris(th Great) in a polyandrous ceremony. Then She discovered… (I rock)

She was a beautiful /b/tard of a baby. McDonalds turned Her into a fatling. So much so that whales frequently screech “come HOME” whens she walks by a beach.(give me teh hamz)


On account of the torture advocance(which twas renounced), She was put on ignore by many, such as Abdul who described Her as a “bore”…what, am I boring? I am boring into the Earth in search of diamonds. Intend to find a sweetheart and put a ring on his finger with teh diamondz. Then wee can make a love-child named Fatal Wit 2, who will also post here- but be me, SQUARED! She hopes Allah(SWT)don't discover her infidelity.(I rock)


Her personal opinion is that She absolutely rockz!She is not sure about Her sexuality- She is currently considering that She might be bi..?(thats right, yam avaiable!)

Nationalism wokz

She might be from Australia, that is subjective however….She is immersed in American culture and politiks to the extent She feels like one(AMERIKANA!).

/b/tarding the internet

She considers Herself something of a /b/tard…o not. She is looking for a means to the end of becoming an indestructible God-Queen.(GIV ME TEH HAMZ)

A legit Post-Modernist

She considers Herself a post-modernist- in its literal, original sense of questioning everything and borderline nihilism. This contrasts to the movement which has hijacked the name “post-modernism”, but is itself actually a stagnant philosophy of rigid doctrines. Political correctness is the spawn of this faux post-modernism.(I ROK!)

Role on

She calls out th deluded twats when they ruin threads.(GIVE ME TEH HAMZ!!!)


Much of Her views are derived from Nietzche, Ayn Rand, Darwin, and Her own awesomeness.

She is an arrogant prick!(SIC)

Her favourite food is ham. GIVE ME TEH HAMZ!

Nobody likes Her, however She doesn't care. She suspects he may be a borderline-sociopath.

Critique of teh article

This article is full of one-liners, the very ESSENCE of fail…. incidentally, do you know that fatal wit=fail wit? Don't worry, I, Fatal Wit, sanction that insult.(I ROK)(GIVE ME TEH HAMZ)

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