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AKA Abyssinia. A large, mountainous and (now) landlocked country in the Horn of Africa. One of the few majority Christian countries in pre-colonial Africa (although not as big a majority as some people think; at least 30% of the population is Muslim). Ethiopia has its own unique, Monophysite-derived denomination which is closest to Eastern Orthodoxy. It also has its own tremendously confusing calendar, celebrating the Millennium almost a decade after everyone else.

Formerly an Empire with a dynasty going back a rather long time, after throwing off Italian colonisers in WW2 then proceeded to go through a series of unpleasant events in the mid to late 20th century involving communism and Eritrea. Nowadays unfortunately tends to be a shorthand for famine in the Western imagination.


Member Detroitman32 is of Ethiopian descent and can be relied upon to wank the country at the slightest provocation.

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