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The EGO Coalition

The EGO Coalition is a political organisation created as an alliance between the Hashasheen Syndicate (now the Stranger Syndicate) and the Fascist Fascist Bastard Fascist Party. Since that time it became an political party in its own right, due to the fact that its members elected to stand as one party in all elections. While it was informally created much earlier, negotiations detailling the exact nature of the Coalition began on June 30th 2009.

The EGO Coalition was dissolved on the 13th of July 2009 and its members were absorbed into the The Egotistical Alliance of Liberty.

Member Organisations

The member organisations of the EGO Coalition on its dissolution were, in alphabetical order:

-FFBFP - Leader: Krall, later Ryder

-Liberty Party - Leader: catboy637

Member organisations who were once part of the EGO Coalition but later left:

-THATGROUP - Leader: Zacoftheaxes

-Hashasheen Syndicate (now the Stranger Syndicate) - Leader: Hashasheen (now TheDarkServant)


The EGO Coalition was run by the Board of Directors, with the leader of each member organisation being a Director on this board. The ultimate leader of the EGO Coalition was the Director-General, who was elected by and from the Board of Directors and is meant to be the 'first among equals' on the board. The Director-General was also ex officio the Coalition's candidate for the presidential election, though the Coalition didn't live long enough to see a Presidential election. A new Director-General is elected everytime a new Director joins the board. The Director-General was only elected twice during the Coalition's history (first upon its foundation, then upon Hashasheen's resignation as leader of HashSyn/StrangeSyn and TheDarkServant's appointment as the leader of Hashsyn/StrangeSyn), with Krall being elected both times.

Nature of the Coalition

The Board of Directors of the EGO Coalition agreed that the Coalition shall stand as one party in all elections, and so any seats won by EGO will be distributed equally to each member organisation, where possible. In the presidential election it was decided that the Director-General would always be the presidential candidate, otherwise someone within the Coalition would have more actual power than the Director-General, which may lead to a conflict in leadership and a possible split in the Coalition.

The EGO Coalition only saw one election, however, the 2009 regional election in the Imperial Vicariate of Elsaß-Lothringen, in which it won one seat, though it came fifth out of six in terms of votes, only beating the Yorkshire Socialist Party, who had done almost no campaigning for the election and did not turn out in force.

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