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Ed Costello

A British member from Liverpool with a sense of humour and a strong sense of civic pride. His contributions include… er… hold on, there was - no, wait… nope, we got nothing. He's not a lurker; he just doesn't do anything.

Is a musician in a band, which, if you're going to fulfil any stereotype of being Liverpudlian, is probably the best one to do.


Among other things, Ed has written a series of AH short stories about the ATL Royal Airship Service:

The Big Village - Liverpool AH, from the POV of a book published in ATL 1962.

Into the West Wind - Set in 1960.

Zephyr Brigade! - Set in 1962.

In Fiction

Has a brief appearance in Doctor What's Snake Oil.

Has appeared in The Series several times, always being brutally killed off, but is always willing to come back for more.

He's scheduled to appear at least briefly in a future Enterprise prequel mini-episode, as a jolly British sky pirate from one of the timelines of the multiverse. Hopefully, his character will stay alive for a change. ;-)

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