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An American board member from Oklahoma. He is a high school teacher by day, and has shown interests in several areas of history, including early 20th century American and European history, alternate colonization and development of the United States/North America, and that AH.commer favourite, airships. His nickname on the board is a dead giveaway about the latter, since it references Hugo Eckener.


He demonstrated the aforementioned interest in airships in his first two timelines published on :

Both deal with different historical developments in the rigid airship industry and how the changes in it also affect the wider world, its politics, economy and culture. Several historical personalities appear, including ones immortalized by the zeppelin-building industry (yes, including the real Eckener and others).

In addition, he has a few more timelines that branch out into other areas, mostly involving US history in some form:

  • Darwinia...but better, a story loosely based on the science-fiction novel Darwinia by Robert Charles Wilson, in which Europe is replaced by a continent that, while matching the overall topography of the original, is populated by flora and fauna of another world. In Eckener's version, the change occures in 1905, and the “New Europe,” is populated with creatures of fantasy, such as elves and dwarves. (currently discontinued, as of Feb. 3rd, 2018)
  • Washington Burns, a timeline where the War of 1812 goes more poorly than in OTL, and the city of Washington is abandoned as the US capital, which is then moved inland to the present-day site of Cincinnati, Ohio (renamed Franklin). The main TL has spawned a side-story of science-fiction set in the world created by Eckener, titled American Universes. (active project as of February 3rd, 2018)

Alternate History Blog

Eckener also runs his own AH-themed blog, called The Weekly Chrononaut. Check it out. Of particular note on the blog is Eckener's Silent Night series, which chronicles a world where the Christmas Truce of 1914 that leads not only to the end of World War I, but also to a broader movement for peace across the globe.

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