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 +The Dunes of the Desert timeline is a timeline written mainly by [[offtopic:​tomislav_addai|Tomislav´s Major Projects]], a user from [[offtopic:​slovakia|Slovakia]],​ who tried to explore the results of a world without islam. While starting in the 7th century, the timeline is now in the 12th century and usually updates are descied as chapters, each speaking of a certain geographic area. After all needed regions are described, usually a global overview arrives, when a general map of the world, showing political, linguistic and religious makeup is displayed.
 +====== Graphics ======
 +At first, the map used was that of CK2; however the author considered it to be too inaccurate and switched to the map used in the [[URHAFAH Project]], the original author of which was User:Drex.
 +The colour scheme used in maps is predominantly THICC for political ones, CK2 for government types, TURCS for Religion (now integrated into THICC) and Linguistic Map Thread´s for the Linguistic map.
 +===== Terminology =====
 +  - 
 +  - Kemet= Egypt
 +  - Merya= Volga Finnic ethnic group
 +  - Rhomania= Byzantine Empire
 +  - Sawad=Iraq
 +  - Tafirka= former Roman province of Africa
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