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A board member who joined in August 2011.

Claimed to be a “Mahayana Marxist” and “Communist and Subjectivist Agnostic Buddhist”, whatever that meant.

Mostly active in the media and graphics forums, working on AH artworks, including ATL wikiboxes.

Dorozhand was banned in July 2017 for posting a wikibox and accompanying description that contained incredibly abhorrent content and concepts. Dorozhand detailed in the post what he said was his preferred, supposedly utopian vision of the world - which boiled down to totalitarian oppression of anyone who disagreed with Dorozhand's highly specific worldviews, and the “reeducation” of such people via forced drug treatment and other related abuse (!). To make matters worse, Dorozhand seemed very defensive of the ideas presented when other people in the Wikibox thread called him out on posting such stuff. The bizarreness of the whole case was amplified by Dorozhand literring his texts with lots of faux-psychological mumbo-jumbo about awakening consciousnesses and attempts at defending the “political enlightening” of people against their will.

He was promptly kicked for posting such vile content, and was only spared of being perma-banned right away due to a possible ambiguity of whether he meant his post unironically (the vast majority of members were leaning towards “yes, he meant it, sadly enough”). After several days of waiting in vain for a potential PM from Dorozhand, the mods upgraded his kick to a ban. As the contents of the wikibox and text openly supported the use of torture, experimentation on humans and other human rights abuses on “dissenting” individuals, the already slim possibility that Dorozhand was “just joking” quickly came crashing down. Given that the opening sentence of the offending post included the words “the idea of taking everything I believed in fervently”, few people were willing to believe Dorozhand wasn't being sincere about his horrific convictions.

This has made Dorozhand join the ranks of particularly infamous banned members such as cumbria, who posted vile content masquerading as AH, with a clear indication that they genuinely support the insanity they write about.

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