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Doeth joined in April 2006. He is a vehement capitalist. Doeth's political viewpoint has since switched to a “You're all idiots” type thing.

Claims To Fame


*looks around*


Alone, sleepy, and hungry

These are his primary feelings


He lives in a neighboorhood with only 1 person his age, the rest are 8 years old. This small peer group consists of an annoying sk8t3r (shudder) who has NO interest in learning at all, much less history, much much less alternate history. His closest friend lives over 42543443 Doeth distance units away (roughly 10 “human” miles, or 16 “european” miles) this causes him to be on his PC 24/7. He is still on to this day.


He falls asleep at 11 and wakes up at 6, whatcha expect?


Like a hippo, he is always “hungry hungry”, he like noodles and other Italian food stuffs, even though he is Irish… This probably is caused by his Philadelphia upbringing (weuter). Anything involving Carbs is tasty, he founded the Anti-Atkins diet, which involves eating carbs and little protein, and it works.


Doeth, that's it…


Is a cold place, he was forced to spend a week there in The Yukon on a camping trip. Clouds of mosquitoes attacked every day, at dusk and dawn. In late June he fell out and nearly died of hypothermia.

Popular concensus says: El sucko mucho.


In a 4 week trip to Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec City it is teh 1337(z0rz).

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