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The Deeply Neglected Timelines and Ideas of Dirtycommie

Belgium Triumphant - One of my first ideas, this one was rather ASBish, but it still holds a special place in my heart.

Texas the Great - Part of my first pair of timelines, along with 1940: Republicans Rule the White House. These two will probably never get updated again or finished, but who knows? Maybe I'll get around to it.

1940: Republicans Rule the White House - See above. This one ended badly…

Turn Your Eyes to the Trees: A Sardinia TL - Never actually got started on this one, but I am planning to eventually write it.

Caesar Lives - My only sorta-consistently updated TL, and my favorite one. Have a look, see if you like it.

Mendebaldean Euskaldunak: Basques in the West - Technically, mendebaldean Euskaldunak means “Basques in the Westlands”, but what's the difference? One of my new TLs, all written backed by the beautiful songs of Cake.

And Death Fell From the Skies - A half-written dystopia about Serbian terrorism.

Let Us Die to Make Men Free - Garibaldi fighting in the American Civil War. There's actually been a couple of versions of this.

A Great Day for Allah - The Ottomans win the Italo-Turkish War. I actually had a much better title, but I forgot it.

Disaster at Kiev - The guy who killed Pyotr Stolypin kills Tsar Nicky instead. Hilarity ensues.

Many Islands, One Nation - One of my favorite PODs of all time; the West Indies Federation stays united. Definitely gonna try this one again at some point.

The Last Embers of Daylight - My current TL. The Irish Blueshirts (a fascist group) march on Dublin in 1933 and spark off a civil war that leaves them in control of Ireland. Hilarity, again, ensues.

Co-written works

Lands of Ice and Mice : An Alternate History of Thule (with DValdron)

Peace In Our Time (with far too many people to name here) One of my favorite things of all time, my magnum opus (so far), and something I am most proud of on Please read it, even though it's a bit confusing!

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