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Mechanical Devices

Mechanical Calculator

(1645) Requires Mechanical Clock

Clockwork Automatons


Automated Machinery

(1801) Requires Punched Cards

Difference Engine


Analytical Engine

(1871) Requires Assembly Language (Analytical Engine), Advanced Metallurgy Note: This is the same as “Electro-Mechanical Computer.” Due to the technological limitations of the time, research is significantly slower than normal. It is not necessary to research this to continue on the computers research path.

Pinwheel Calculator


Differential Analyzer


Census Tabulation Machine


Fire Control System


Mechanical Encryption

(1923) Requires Encryption Theory

Mechanical Decryption

(1938) Requires Decryption Theory

Electro-Mechanical Computer

(1941) Requires Boolean Algebra, Lambda Calculus, Turing Machine Theory, Telephone Exchange

Encryption Theory


Binary Numerals


Punched Cards

(1801) Requires Printing Press

Decryption Theory


Assembly Language (Analytical Engine)


Boolean Algebra (Could be kept in its current location, but I think it works better here. Maybe replace Boolean Algebra w/ Applied Mathematics?

(1854) Requires Binary Numerals

Lambda Calculus


Turing Machine Theory


Binary Computing

(1937) Requires Boolean Algebra, Lambda Calculus

High-Level Programming Language


Electromag Computers WIP

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