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-======Canis Lupus (Formerly EvolvedLupine (Formerly DelawareWerewolf (Formerly DelawareConfederate)))====== 
-Board member who joined in August 2007. 
-Canis Lupus is from Delaware, an area that many denizens vehemently believe doesn'​t exist; Canis Lupus himself is now beginning to doubt whether the state in which he resides does exist. 
-He is 18, a Republican politically,​ and has interests that include Alternate History, Cooking, "The War of the Worlds",​ Gardening, Werewolves and weather/​meteorology. 
-In November 2007 Delaware Confederate changed his name to DelawareWerewolf,​ to better reflect his personality,​ and his interest in Wolves, Werewolves, and Threanthropy. 
-He was a participant in 2 Shared Worlds games, one of which, "New Interactive Nations Game," was immensely popular. ​ 
-He is also a Confederate sympathiser,​ and believes that both the Confederate Battle Flag and the Confederate uniform are both more aesthetically pleasing than their Union counterparts. 
-On the board, some still refer to him as "​DC,"​ but most have switched over to "​DW"​ now (although the situation is confused further by his temporary name "​EvolvedLupine"​ (from analogy with [[EvolvedSaurian]])). There is also a joke between [[offtopic:​VulcanTrekkie45]] and him, about the ongoing war between vampires and werewolves. 
-Canis Lupus (as he is now known) is currently Strategos of Martian Tripod Forces on [[Mars]]. 
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