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A magical land inhabited by faeries, unicorns, fauns and the powerful Werewolves.

Supposedly it is the 1st state in the United States of America, having allegedly attained statehood by signing the US Constitution on December 7th, 1787. Strangely enough, that is the same date on which, in 1941, the Japanese attacked the US Navy's Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

The strange thing about Delaware is that it doesn't exist.

Most'ers agree that it may indeed have once existed, but that it was destroyed, either by Thande in a fit of beer-induced Yorkshire rage, or by an entity called the Ilse Witch.

While DelawareWerewolf does reside in this state, he is beginning to accept the fact that Delaware does not exist, and that he may be an figment of Archangel Michael's imagination. Umbric Man used to supposedly live here as well. He'll probably always think of himself as a resident, much to the detriment of saner principles.

In Alternate History scenarios, Delaware is often overlooked, either being absorbed by its neighbours Maryland and Pennsylvania, staying as a part of the US and being nuked out of existence as a result, or by simply not existing, as in OTL.

According to Wikipedia (and we all know how reliable that is), Delaware is named after the Barons de la Warr, who set up the colony and still sit in the British House of Lords. De la Warr is itself a worn down form of De la Guerre, meaning that Delaware is essentially named for a bunch of war-loving Normans.


If you're from here, feel free to add yourself to the list.

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