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Dahveed's November Coup Attempt

One beautiful day, on the 26th of November 2013, boisterous new board member Dahveed323 posted a thread in the Forum Rules and Administration forum. In it, he, without a hint of irony, demanded that Ian the admin be deposed from leadership.

He went so far as to include a voting poll on whether Ian should be deposed, probably hoping (in vain) that most AH.commers would agree with him. Predictably, things didn't go as planned. Some AH.commers were outraged or offended by the suggestion, but most found it touchingly amusing, especially given Dahveed's stubborn and self-righteous insistence on achieving his goals.

Many would expect Dahveed to get banned for his conduct, but the epilogue to his coup attempt was really anticlimactic. After realising that he couldn't gain any support among other members, Dahveed threw a self-pitying temper tantrum and proclaimed with much melodrama that he was leaving the board forever, an involuntary exile of the outrageous tyranny (!) of Ian and the other board members (?!!).

After three pages and Dahveed's official announcement of his self-imposed exile, Ian finished the thread with a minor one-liner post, which included a giggling smiley, and then locked the thread.

Dahveed is still around, and according to his profile, was online as late as March 15, 2015

Despite the similarities between the two events, it was not related to the March on Board.


This event currently holds the Crispy Potato Medal for “Lamest Coup Attempt EVER”.

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