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One of the many innumerable Brits on the board, Daeres joined in August 2010. If he has a site-wide reputation of any kind, he has no idea what that reputation is. He is not entirely sure how he ended up writing alternate history which looks remarkably like postgraduate research (except for the part where stuff is made up).

The Daeres is rarely spotted outside of its natural habitat, the Maps and Graphics forum and the Before 1900 Discussion forum. It tends to graze happily upon ancient PoDs of all kinds, but has been known to be aggressively territorial around ancient Greece and Persia related timelines. It is not known why it produces so many maps of varying quality and subject matter, perhaps as some kind of mating ritual with other Daeres, or perhaps it is a way of marking territory. Will become docile when fed upon obscure, well tended, pre-modern alt history.


Currently Maintained
Wall of Hiatus Induced Shame

For a Fistful of Amphorae (or; These oath gods will destroy you), found here.

Support your Local Satrap!, found here.

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