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 ==== Archive of Cyrrylian Wisdom ==== ==== Archive of Cyrrylian Wisdom ====
-**[[http://​​discussion/​showthread.php?​t=64022|Archive of Cyrrylian Wisdom]]** +Has to be seen to be believed. 
 +**[[http://​​discussion/​showthread.php?​t=64022|Unnesassary extention, or neccessary addition?]]**  
 +**[[http://​​forum/​threads/​gee-i-wish-humans-had-fairy-companions.60112/​|Gee I wish humans had fairy companions!]]** 
 +**[[http://​​forum/​threads/​never-ending-frito-bag.50893/​|Never Ending Frito Bag]]** 
 +**[[http://​​forum/​threads/​ah-challenge-anarchist-america.60448/​|Challenge:​ Anarchist America]]** 
 +**[[http://​​forum/​threads/​stop.62332/​|Stop !]]** 
 +(Remember: These are old threads for your amusement, but //do not// necro with new posts.)
 ---- ----
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