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Joined in December 2014.

Banned by CalBear in January 2016 for thinly-veiled support of nazism and the ideas of the NSDAP party.

Cueg had originally garnered a kick for the same offence and upon returning, proceeded to defend it once again, getting kicked again in short order. The moderator warned Cueg that this kick is the absolute last chance. After Cueg exchanged some PMs with the moderator, these also including expletives, CalBear upgraded the kick to a ban.

Bizarrely, Cueg claimed to be a leftist and a Donald Trump supporter, while also defending the NSDAP manifesto. (Your guess is as good as our's.) It didn't help that his defence was ostensibly based on “defending the rights of working class people” and comparing the nazi party's manifesto favourably to Trump's perceived policy ideas. Cueg didn't bother once with noticing obvious hints from AH.commers that speaking highly of a nazi manifesto isn't tolerated on the site, no matter the twists in logic one uses to shoddily “defend” it.

Moral of the story: Like with other banned members, don't be this guy.

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