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Constitutional Monarchy Party (CMP)

The Constitutional Monarchy Party, also known as the Constitutional Monarchy Party or the Constitutional Monarchists Party, was founded by Fabilius in April 2008 with the goal of changing's government from an Imperial Republic to a Constitutional Monarchy. The CMP successfully campaigned for Referendum 1 and contested the 2008 parliamentary elections, but failed to win any seats. The Constitutional Monarchy Party has one member serving in the current government: Fabilius, who was appointed Minister of Monarchical Affairs in the 2008 Cabinet by President Sargon on August 4, 2008.


Fabilius first suggested that's form of government be changed to a Constitutional Monarchy as far back as August 9, 2006:

“I have this crazy idea I think we could all agree on. Let the Overlord become the monarch of AH.COM. Appoint Leo Caecius as a chancellor to hold power until he grows up. Keep the parliament. I think constitutional monarchy is the way to go. Isn´t that the form of government AH.COMMERS love the most? And then to appease German secessionists the official language of the government will be English with a strong German accent. I personally think we former members of the OC, now the Neofascist party would be satisfied if the commitee of un activity would open again and I´d get the fancy title of reichscommisarr. Perfect?”

The Constitutional Monarchy Party's formation was announced in the article “A brave new” published in the Newspaper's fourth issue (April 26, 2008):

“This is the right time for a change. The government of has done nothing for the common Ah.commer during the last term, unlike what was promised. I believe that people have become disillusioned in politics by the Evil party and the Yorkshire Socialist party, in fact I see more and more people admitting they feel as if politics are meaningless attentionwhoring done by people who have nothing better to do. To those people, to those disillusioned voters I have the following to say: A Constitutional Monarchy.”

In part due to the party's creation, Acting President Sargon pushed for a referendum on whether or not to change the form of's government. Despite the CMP's push for a “Yes” vote, the referendum failed to pass and, as of August 2008, remains an Imperial Republic.

In June 2008, the Newspaper conducted a political survey, placing the Constitutional Monarchists 4th in the parliamentary race with 8%, 4th in the presidential race with 8.2%, and with an approval rating of 32%. The survey also found that, of those polled: 35.1% thought the CMP was noobish, 16.2% considered them Hard Working, and 32.4% believed they were Honest.

The CMP registered for the 2008 parliamentary elections on July 31, 2008 as the Constitutional Monarchy Party but, despite earlier expectations, won only 4.21% of the vote, far below the cut-off to win a seat and placing last amongst those parties that contested the election. On August 4, 2008, Party Chairman Fabilius was appointed Minister of Monarchical Affairs in the 2008 Cabinet by President Sargon.

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