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Complete Works of Roisterer


In progress: Wrong Decision Four dystopic worlds, but are they related?

The Hunter and The Hunted A loser meets an alien presence, but effects ripple out in unexpected directions.

Gravity Well Inspector Paul Itchen takes up a job with the Security Team on Mars, but finds that many things are not as they seem.

Axial Tilt In the far future, humanity has three polities, but is threatened with extinction by a new race of alien invaders.

Little Red Men The return of Inspector Paul Itchen. Murder and intrigue at Robinson's Mohole, a water mine on Mars.

Short Stories

A slice of Life Horror. A novel perspective.

Moms and Dads Be careful what you wish for.

Death and Taxes Horror comedy. Why pay the living, when you can use the undead?

Christmas Carole Doctor Who and Scrooge in one character.

The Arrangement Surprises at the convention

The Descent Horror. A mental patient may be the only sane one.

Destiny Something's out there

Bus Trip Horror. How to strike up a friendship.

O Grave Thy Victory Horror. A dying man's observations.

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