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 +====== CCC ======
 +Joined the board in November 2010. 
 +He was banned by [[offtopic:​Ian]] in July 2011, [[https://​​forum/​threads/​the-return-of-eugenics.203456/​page-2#​post-4789030|for supporting eugenics and making thinly-veiled comments about '​helping'​ handicapped people by offing them]]. ​
 +Most damningly of all, though this individual was a die-hard supporter of eugenics, debating him revealed his complete ignorance of actual genetics, based on existing scientific data. When confronted by others on speaking bullshit, CCC doubled down on his claims and tried to defend himself with the "​morality is just a social construct"​ fallacy, which //somehow// "​proved"​ that his bigoted views were all right.
 +==== Navigation ====
 +**[[hall of infamy#​c|Hall of Infamy]]**
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