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-A valued contributor who totally isn't vain enough to create his own wiki page(honest)!+====== Visigoethe ======
-Now has his own TL:[[http://​​discussion/​showthread.php?​t=314167|Shall Eagles not be Eagles?]]+[[running jokes|valued contributor]] who totally isn't vain enough to create his own wiki page(honest)!
-Favorite TLs+----
-[[http://​​discussion/​showthread.php?​t=111014|A shift in priorities]]+==== Works ====
-[[http://​​discussion/​showthread.php?​p=8240902|Disaster at Leuthen]] 
-[[​t=226788|Male Rising]]+ 
 +==== His Favorite TLs ==== 
 +//**[[timelines:A Shift in Priorities]]**// by [[rast]] 
 +//**[[timelines:​Disaster at Leuthen]]**//​ by [[Direwolf22]] 
 +//​**[[timelines:​Male Rising]]**// by [[Jonathan Edelstein]] 
 +==== Navigation ==== 
 +**[[Member List]]** 
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