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Cabinet of the Imperial Republic of

This body is appointed by the President and is made up of two elements: those of Normal Cabinet Ministers and those of Special Cabinet Ministers.

Normal Cabinet posts are usually drawn from the winning parties' ranks or from those of the parties in a ruling coalition. Usually this will consist of all MPs that have been elected from those parties. (See: Politics).

Special Cabinet posts may be drawn from any of the other parties in an effort to show a measure of fairness or good faith by the President. People appointed to these positions do not need to be Members of the Parliament, and can be those whom the President feels merit a position due to good works on or some other reason of note. He may also appoint individuals suggested by other members of those they consider worthy enough to take up a position for some reason. Individuals may also apply to the President for a Special Cabinet position outlining their reasons for why they think themselves suitable for such a post.

The President may perform a reshuffle of the Cabinet from time to time and also may fire members of the Cabinet if so desired, although this is hoped to be an infrequent occurrence. He may even sack the entire Cabinet if he's in a really rotten mood, but this is likely to be an extraordinarily rare event only to be used in emergencies or times of crisis.

Individual Non-MP Cabinet Ministers may introduce legislation and propose votes for consideration by the Parliament who will discuss the issue and decide if it should be voted on. However in this case, the Cabinet Minister's proposal should be seconded by a second Cabinet Minister or MP. Two Cabinet Ministers may also approach the executive with such proposals who may forward them to Parliament for consideration. Non-MP Cabinet Ministers may also propose items for Referenda, however, such proposals should be supported by two other non-MP Cabinet colleagues, or gain the support of a sitting MP to do so. Optionally, a petition signed by 3 Cabinet Ministers may be presented to the executive who will either announce it, or send it to Parliament for consideration.

The Cabinet swelled enormously in size with Sargon's accession as President in 2008, something which is objected to by the Federalist Federation of Federalists as a major plank of their policy (as Susano put it, it is somewhat absurd to have a cabinet several times larger than all the elected officials that could potentially fill it put together).

Previous Cabinets

The Cabinet has undergone vast changes in size and structure since its creation in 2006:

2006 - 2007 Cabinet

2007 - 2008 Cabinet

2008 - 2009 Cabinet

Current Cabinet

The 2009 - 2010 Cabinet has not yet been appointed. Until then, the members of the 2008 - 2009 Cabinet serving as Acting Ministers. Please visit the 2008 - 2009 Cabinet page for a list of current Cabinet members.

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