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 +====== Brosip Broz Tito ======
 +[[USA|American]] board member. He joined in October 2014.
 +His username was an obvious play on Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito, which he further accentuated by referring to his location as the "​Brocialist Federal Republic of Yubroslavia"​ instead of Yugoslavia.
 +Banned by [[Ian]] in late June 2016 [[http://​​forum/​threads/​whos-the-boss-in-europe.391852/​page-3#​post-12643496|for bigotry, trolling and plenty of other damning stuff (most of it accusations aimed against Europe and Muslims)]]. ​
 +==== Navigation ====
 +**[[hall of infamy#​b|Hall of Infamy]]**
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