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British Republic

A British member of the board since 2014 who lives in London. The user was sometimes known as “BR” for short when other members discussed him, sometimes as 'British Dictatorship' too.

He was banned in June 2017.

Works to date

(Work in Progress)

Political Views

BR has been known for being critical about what he calls “Free Market Capitalism/Neo-Liberalism” which is a a economic system which is has limited state involvement in the economy, in other words the market rules. The user has also known for being resentful of those in charge of government and the economy.

BR is also known for his support for futher devolution from Central Government to the regions, opposing the Green Belt and against religious extremism, more recently the actions of Islamic State and the Levant (ISIS) and al-Qaeda (AQ) and their various allies.

He has also expressed support for the reunfication of the former British India (now India, Pakistan, Bangadesh, Burma, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan

Others accused him of fascism.

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