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American board member from Pennsylvania who joined in September 2013. Obsessed with President Lyndon Johnson. Also likes his successor (Dick Nixon) despite herself. Username refers to Bonnie Blue Butler, Rhett and Scarlett's daughter in Gone with the Wind. 85 obviously refers to the year she was born. Extremely liberal and proud of it. Has voted in every primary (save two) and major election since she turned 18 in 2003.

Working on three LBJ TLs but has had writer's block:

LBJ for the USA: An ISOT TL

All the Way With LBJ: A 2014 Texas ISOT TL

We Shall Overcome (An ASB TL— Abandoned for the moment.)

Loves to travel, has been to: Belgium, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, St. Lucia and Victoria BC.

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