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Formally Known as Bard32

Blair's knowledge of history was dubious at best. In his first go-around as Bard32, he made references to the History Channel (Dubious), baseball cards (Not an acceptable source) and showed a generally poor grasp of understanding the topic he seemed to enjoy most–World War II.

A member renowned for his posts, which invariably consist of disconnected, misinterpreted, and tangential facts garnered from The History Channel and Tom Clancy novels. Some members have suspected that he is, in fact, the first semissentient spawn of wikipedia wandering the internet, a theory first proposed by Georgepatton.

Notable Quotes Source1 I got that off the back of P-40 airplane card. My brother has a box of airplane cards marking the 60th anniversary of flight.

Despite these uncomfortable tendencies, Bard32 remained civil in his first incursion to His return, under the new name “Blair152” revealed more tidbits about himself. He claimed to be over fifty years old, and his source of information was an entry level college course taken decades ago. In short, Bard/Blair was the annoying type who had just enough knowledge to feel smart without the knowledge that he didn't know a darn thing. He was originally thought to be a sockpuppet of a banned poster, hence earning a temporary ban. Blair's inclusion on the Roster Of The Repentant reflects this mistake.

Blair152 attacked Calbear and Leo Caesius in a hilarious fashion, and for this poorly considered act he was banned.

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