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A somewhat unknown member amongst the members, but somewhat well-known amongst sinophiles. Resides in New York City, but was born in Hainan, China.

He's a Chinese nationalist, a citizen of the PRC and generally argues for China in a favourable light in the forums whenever the topic is about China. He also has a interest in politics throughout the world and regularly engages in them, but generally has a limited knowledge of topics outside of China. He has a strong interest in American politics because of his time in New York City, but generally appears stupid whenever the discussion is about America because of his limited knowledge of America.

Despite the username, he is a very secular person and Bishop refers to something else which the user has totally forgotten what it is. He is not a man of the cloth, which he has only recently found out what that meant after several people referred to him as such. He also has never watched the aliens tetralogy of movies and never intends to so it doesn't refer to that robot. Politics

Bishop is a member of the Peerage being Hou (Marquis) of Hainan and Po (Earl) of Macau. He is also a member of the EVIL Party, and is currently the Minister of Chinese Expansion.


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