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Line 5: Line 5:
 ===B=== ===B===
 +[[Harry Byrd (altbios)|Harry F. Byrd]]
 ===C=== ===C===
 +[[Tom Cruise (altbios)|Tom Cruise]]
 ===D=== ===D===
 +[[Dmitri II (altbios)|Dmitri II]]
 ===E=== ===E===
Line 21: Line 24:
 [[Adolf Hitler (altbios)|Adolf Hitler]] [[Adolf Hitler (altbios)|Adolf Hitler]]
 +[[Katie Holmes (altbios)|Katie Holmes]]
 ===I=== ===I===
Line 41: Line 46:
 ===L=== ===L===
 [[Vladimir Lenin (altbios)|Vladimir Lenin]] [[Vladimir Lenin (altbios)|Vladimir Lenin]]
 +[[John Lennon (altbios)|John Lennon]]
 ===M=== ===M===
 [[Grand Duchess Maria (altbios)|Grand Duchess Maria]] [[Grand Duchess Maria (altbios)|Grand Duchess Maria]]
 +[[Paul McCartney (altbios)|Paul McCartney]]
 ===N=== ===N===
Line 52: Line 61:
 ===P=== ===P===
 +[[Peter IV (altbios)|Peter IV]]
 ===Q=== ===Q===
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