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German board member from Southwest Germany who joined in February 2010.

He had a weird tic of starting every single post with “Hi!”.

He was banned by Ian in February 2015, for repeated defense of German and Japanese war crimes in WWII, continuing to do so even after freshly returning from a kick by CalBear. The kick involved the same breaking of the rules with the very same topic. Beer's inner nationalist really came to the fore in this case, as he repeatedly voiced his conviction that the Wehrmacht soldiers never perpetrated any war crimes at all, just other nazis (i.e. the “clean Heer” myth).

Worse yet, Beer is the very first banned AH.commer who tried to convince some of his friends on the board to defend him in his absence, and among other things, launch a "petition" to get CalBear banned, accusing him of “moderator bias” solely due to him kicking Beer over war crimes apologism. He basically wanted CalBear to get banned for doing his job. Obviously, the admin intervened. Beer kept angrily protesting his previous kicking and defending his opinions. And you can guess where that went…

Beer's banning conjured up something of an unintentionally funny moment when Ian announced “Beer banned”. Cue many AH.commers making literalist jokes about it…


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