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American and Californian member who liked rock music, guns and motorcycles. Described by Fellatio Nelson (who quietly worshipped him) as “a walking 1970s”. Beau was a skilled musician in his own right, and enjoyed rock and heavy metal music.

Beauhooligan appeared to have known at least half of the major figures in American music, culture and politics over the last fifty years, including but not limited to Hunter S. Thompson, Jimmy Carter, Waylon Jennings, and George H. W. Bush. Beau had a varied and interesting life, serving (though he was understandably modest about it) in Vietnam, as a police officer, and, so far as this writer can make out, as some kind of systems engineer.

For these reasons, as well as his understated, earnest, and friendly posting style, Beau had taken on a legendary status with some sections of

After a long absence of visits or posts by Beau, Life in Black tried to search for information on Beau's wheareabouts. Unfortunately, he learned that Beau had passed away already in early October 2016. AH.commers promptly drank a toast to a now-absent old friend.

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