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An independent city-state in Central Texas. It is ruled by Anaxagoras, who is acclaimed by the Austinites as the quintessential benevolent dictator. He seized power in Austin in 1841, after winning a decisive victory at the Battle of Zilker Park.

Austin has a population of roughly 800,000, all of whom are highly-educated liberals who exercise daily. All citizens of Austin are well-versed in art and culture, able to recognize classical music compositions with ease. They are very well-read and can converse on subjects ranging from string theory to the economic development of Hong Kong with near-expert level knowledge.

Every Austinite is in some sort of band and spends every evening of every week playing in a bar on 6th Street, the Warehouse District, SoCo, or the Red River District. Whenever anything good happens, the people of Austin gather for a celebratory concert at Antoine's. The women of Austin are universally acclaimed as the most beautiful in the known world.

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