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rognvald This page was a relic of a bygone, disrespectful time in history. I have removed the flippant treatment of this serious subject, and updated this page accordingly.
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-======Armenian... errr....======+======Armenian ​Genocide======
-Well... not really ​genocide... or is it? Or is it illegal if I claim it is no genocide? Will Abdul flip out if it is called genocide?+During the First World War, the Ottoman Turks systematically attempted to wipe out the large Armenian population in their territoryAround ​million ethnic Armenians were murdered by starvation, exhaustion, or more direct methodsThis tragedy is still denied by the Turkish government as of 2021, despite clear historical evidence
-This topic has often hotly been debated on, and the name of it is itself part of the discussion. The question is whether there was genocide committed by the Ottomans against the Armenians or whether it was an ethnic cleansing done due to the war (the First World War was going on) and advancing Russian troops (with whom many Armenians sympathized). On the [[offtopic:​Old Board]][[offtopic:​Rafi Issoghlian]] and [[offtopic:​Abdul Hadi Pasha]] argued very tensely over this, the former taking the Armenian, the latter taking the Turkish positionWhich coincided with their respective nationality/​descent. Purely coincidence,​ I assure you!+In the early days of, a few members on the board held the “party line” ​of Turkey and aggressively denied that the genocide took place. Their vociferous denials, despite the heinous subject material, led to the phrase “Armenian Genocide” to be adopted as an “in-joke” by other board members. The term lost its power as stark reminder of a brutal and evil act of history and was reduced ​to near meme status ​and used in flippantdisrespectful ways.
-Although Rafi did join the new boardhe rarely posted on ityet the issue remained in the collective memory ​of the boardand when brought up is still sure to draw a very angry response by Abdul. Hencewhenever it does come upposts by other members are usually along the lines of "*dons flameproof suit*" or "​*heads for the nearest bunker*"​.+Since the early 2010showeverthis practice has stopped. Denial ​of the Armenian Genocideas with the HolocaustHolodomorand other historical mass killings, will lead to an instant ban. The term’s usage has been restored to match the seriousness ​of the subject, and is never to be used in a “jokey” context
-The Armenian '​Thing'​ is also strongly associated with [[Wikipedia]]According to Nek, the aforementioned infallible online encyclopaedia records that Britain would have lost the Battle of Trafalgar were it not for the intervention of their gallant Armenian allies aboard the flagship AMS //​Genocide//​ - factoid that was, of course, cruelly expunged from the history books by the evil Turks One might also quote from [[Wikipedia]] and refer to it as "The Armenian Genocide"​ or say, "Well, according to the Armenian Genocide..."​ +This page remains as a testament that has not been perfect communityIt failed ​to live up to its own standards for yearsWe can only hope that we continue to improve as a website culture ​in the years to come
- +
-Due to its mocking use on, the term has become so watered down that it is now used in any context involving Armenians. For example, ​in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Armenia was represented by an attractive female singer, and there were several comments along the lines of '​I'​d like to genocide her...+
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