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State of the USA. Its capital is Little Rock, known for being a major front in the civil rights movement of the Sixties, and having a large National Guard armory. Arkansas is also known for its interesting geographical features; the state was originally created in the 1940's as a waste-disposal/recycal center for the industrial areas of the US. Arkansas has no cities, unless you count the single massive Wal-Mart Ultra-center Capitol to be a city. It does not take a genius to figure out how Wal-Mart is able to make and sell their produts so cheaply; they use all of the junk in Arkansas that has been deposited there over the years and turn it into more junk for the masses. Prior to popular belief, Arkansas is actually a good and natural state not the toxic waste dump known as New Jersey.

Also notable in that it is the only US state with a silent S at the end.


If you're from here, feel free to add yourself to the list.

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