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A country in South America, next to Brazil and Chile. Also known as the “place where the Nazis go once they lose the war” and “that country of the Che”, while it's inhabitants are refered in the Anglosphere as “those guys who invaded the the Falklands.”

Alledgedly the best place to live, if you are escaping the American or European authorities, and a great place to take vacations according to Butch Cassidy, at least better than Bolivia.

Famous people include General San Martin, who liberated three countries in the 1810s(Argentina, Chile and Peru); General and President Peron, who is always president when Argentina is mentioned in AH; and the crazy communist revolutionary Ernesto Guevara, the guy who can now be seen in Coca-Cola advertisement.

Britain historically has a love-hate relationship with the Argentines: On the one hand there's the the Falklands thing, on the other there's all the trade, the railways, the Welsh colony in Patagonia (we're very grateful the Argies took them off our hands) and those cool gaucho cowboys.

Alternate history clichés involving this country

- General Juan Domingo Peron is always President of Argentina. No, he doesn't always need to be. Think of the butterflies, people!

- Britain can just waltz in at any point before 1810 and a hundred years later, Argentina will be as powerful, prosperous and pretty (not to mention properly Aryan) as Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

- Empty Patagonia open for Jews: Because extremely Catholic and Nationalistic countries in the 1940s just love opening their arms for Bohemian, European Jewish refugees and giving them free land.

- Random AXIS Argentina: Argentina joins the Axis completely out of the blue, despite only a minority within the public or the armed forces being pro-German, the majority being influenced by the British and Americans and being very openly anti-Nazi.

- Nazi haven: Partially true, but Paraguay and Brazil were also popular. Argentina in fact took mostly Italian and Croatian Fascists and most immigrants during the 1940s were Jews.


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