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Ankh Von Hapsburg

A British board member who joined in January 2015. Ankh Von Hapsburg has been most active in the shared worlds/Shared Worlds forum, but has also written 4 TLs, 3 of which are dead, as well as making several maps. Ankh Von Hapsburg also has a love for Austria and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with all of his TLs featuring Austria. He has also played as Austria or a variation on that theme in almost every Nation Game or Moderated Game he has played.


For the Want of a King TL: Prussia loses the War of Austrian Succession - A timeline that beings with the Prussian defeat at the Battle of Mollwitz, before expanding into the resulting battle between the Austrians and French for mastery of Europe. This is still on going and has the most replies of any TL by Ankh Von Hapsburg.

The Eagle Never Fails TL: Prussia loses the War of Austrian Succession - The predecessor of the above TL. This was short-lived and is unfinished, but currently holds the record for most views of an Ankh Von Hapsburg TL.

Christianity, Commerce and Civilisation: A Scramble for Africa TL - A timeline of an alternate Scramble for Africa based around Doctor Livingstone's three principals of colonisation. This was short-lived and is unfinished.

Treaty of Amiens: A different Versailles - A timeline based around an alternate World War I, this was done as a collaboration with lukedalton and AussieHawker. This is dead and unfinished.

Shared Worlds Projects

CNG: Broken Mirror Chapter 2: After the Fallout - This was the first Nation Game run by Ankh Von Hapsburg and, to-date, the most successful. It was inspired by Fenwick's Broken Mirror and was designed as a sequel. It began successfully, even attracting Agentdark to play. It featured the fanatical Christian Empire of Littorn, played by Agentdark, a warlike Eternal Khaganate of Tengri played by theDisciple, and a Scandinavian Union that was adopted by Dragos Cel Mare after beginning the game as a NPC. The most notable piece of gameplay was Dragos Cel Mare reaching an IG agreement with Agentdark for the first time. It later failed after several of the key players quit for a variety of reasons. A direct reboot of the original Broken Mirror was later launched, also by Ankh Von Hapsburg, but failed to take off.

1490 Map Game: Reboot - This was an, incorrectly named, continuation of Upvoteanthology's 1490 Map Game that had died for a variety of reasons. This map game mainly consisted of PiratePartyist taking the turns, with others sometimes contributing.

1100 Map Game - This was, undoubtedly, the longest lasting map game by Ankh Von Hapsburg. It was inspired by Upvoteanthology's 1490 Map Game that Ankh Von Hapsburg had previously participated in. The game eventually died due to arguing between PiratePartyist and Richter von Manhofen as well as the lack of a map for the last turn.

Christianity, Commerce and Civilisation: A Scramble for Africa Map Game - This was a short lived map game based on an alternate Scramble for Africa. It never really got going due to map issues and people not taking their turns.

The Official Map Game Awards - This was a short lived project by Ankh Von Hapsburg to set up a quarterly awards system for Map Games. There was some voting but the results were never announced.

The Game of Dynasties - The Game of Dynasties was basically a standard collaborative world making game, but with a twist. In it the players created dynasties instead of nations. The world making part of this map game was completed. There was a standard map game planned to follow on from this but it died after only one turn by Don.

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